Misty's Tale

Misty's Tale

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Wiggles and tail wags. A dog’s unconditional love of family, walking a similar path as we all are in this short life.

Misty’s Tale is inspired by true events of an army family and the dog they rescued from an animal shelter. It shares the dog’s journey and obstacles the family encountered and the perseverance they had to overcome them.

This story and its resemblance of everyday life will resonate with individuals, young and old. Most people have heard the adage that life is too short. How true it is, before we know it, the years slip away. Sometimes, we live life in the moment. We don’t realize how precious those moments are, until we reminisce about them in our later years.

Readers will delight in the similarities and humor in vignettes, connecting with their own thoughts of heartwarming memories that bring them joy and a smile.

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